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Dental Hygienist Hornchurch

January 21, 2020 11:19 am

Dental Hygienist   At Viva Dental Studio we have a trained team of hygienists who look to make sure your mouth and gums are kept clean and healthy. Based in Hornchurch, Essex, we offer hygiene appointments on weekends and late evenings. A dental hygienist is a specially trained professional who is trained in cleaning teeth free of plaque and tartar, eliminating tartar from deep below the gums and letting you know how best to keep the mouth free of tartar in the future.   Why is Dental Hygiene important?   The build up of plaque and tartar can mean bad things for the gums and essentially lead to tooth loss. The gums and bone are the foundations of the teeth... View Article

What is The Sleepwell Appliance?

February 18, 2019 6:30 am

What Is The Sleepwell®?   The Sleepwell® consists of two appliances worn on each arch similar to a mouthguard. The two appliances hook into each other and maintain forward position of the lower jaw. This keeps a constant opening of the airway for air to pass through. The Sleepwell® is ideal for treatment of mild to moderate sleep apnoea cases. The NHS currently only treats severe cases of obstructive sleep apnoea and this is with a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) treatment.   What Are The Benefits Of The Sleepwell®?   The Sleepwell® appliance has an 80% success rate in treating fully apnoeic patients. The high acceptance from patients due to its comfort meant it was used by 98% of... View Article

What Is A Mandibular Advancement Splint?

February 16, 2019 6:30 am

What Is A Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS)? A Mandibular Advancement Splint is an oral appliance which is used to position the lower jaw in a more forward position. This forces the tongue to be in a more forward position making sure air is able to pass unobstructed along the airway.   There are many types of mandibular advancement splints available. The best types are those where you can re position the lower jaw more forwards incrementally. The Sleepwell® appliance allows this to happen. Other types of MAS appliances include Silensor, Negus and Herbst.   What Is The Sleepwell®? The Sleepwell® Appliance is an example of a mandibular advancement splint. The Sleepwell® consists of two appliances worn on each arch similar... View Article

How Can My Dentist Help Me Stop Snoring?

February 12, 2019 10:45 am

What is Snoring? Approximately 45% of the population snores. Snoring is a noise which is made by individuals during sleep. An obstruction or partial closure of the airway causes this sound. This can lead to sleep disturbance for the individual involved and their partners or house mates (Young et al 2003). Those who snore very loud can have relationship issues, sleepiness during the day, stress and depression.   Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is a severe condition in which snoring is a part of. This can be potentially Life Threatening.   What is Obstructive Sleep Apnoea? Obstructive Sleep Apnoea is where there complete (apnoea) or partial (hypnoea) obstruction of the airway. This is repeated throughout the sleep and lasts 10 seconds... View Article

Invisalign Promotional Day 6th October

September 17, 2018 4:01 pm

What is Invisalign?   Invisalign braces are clear removable braces which help straighten crooked teeth and closes gaps. They are almost entirely invisible when worn and are delicate in their small, constant force. You have a series of aligners, which are changed every 7 – 14 days. You may have some attachments on the teeth.   What are Attachments?   Attachments are tooth coloured blocks on the teeth. They are specially designed to move the teeth in a certain direction and position. You may see these if you look closely but they are essential for predictable tooth movements.   How long does the treatment take?   Invisalign treatment time depends on the severity of the case. The teeth can be... View Article

Save up to £1000 off Invisalign Braces in Hornchurch, Essex

March 19, 2018 12:55 pm

Save up to £1000 off Braces in Hornchurch, Essex   Promotional Day 24th March 2018   Viva Dental Studio has announced their annual Braces Promotional Day on Saturday 24th March 2018. You can expect to receive a great deal on Invisalign, Lingual and 6 Month Braces. The consultations will be carried out by Parminder Battu who has treated well over 250 cases in Lingual, Invisalign and 6 Month Braces combined. There is great attention to detail before, during and after the braces treatments. You can expect to receive free teeth whitening and retainers at the end of the treatment to further enhance you smile and maintain your straighter smile.   Up to £1000 off Invisalign, Lingual and 6 Month Braces... View Article

Why Tooth Brushing Is Important?

March 15, 2018 6:25 am

Why Tooth Brushing is Important   Cleaning your teeth is important if you want to maintain good oral health. Brushing your teeth helps to maintain fresh breath, by removing bacteria that has built up around the teeth and in the mouth. If you do not brush your teeth you are at risk of plaque build-up, which can cause inflammation and bleeding of the gums. If plaque is left it can lead to early stages of gum disease known as Gingivitis. Studies have also shown that poor oral hygiene can increase your chances of developing a serious illness. You should be visiting the dentist every 6 months for your routine dental examinations.   How to correctly Brush your Teeth   Making... View Article

James Hornsby School Careers Day

March 13, 2018 2:07 pm

James Hornsby School, Laindon, Basildon, Essex   Viva Dental Studio were given the pleasure to speak at James Hornsby School in Laindon in the borough of Basildon, Essex. On Tuesday 6th March 2018, Dr Parminder S Battu attended the school to speak with year 7 children. The Year 7’s had careers day where they were told about different professions and pathways they can take after leaving school and college. They were told about the various aspects of dentistry and the team which helps deliver optimal patient care. The children were 11-12 years of age. Many of the children had not thought about their career pathway whereas a few already knew their chosen career path. Many wanted to be Teachers, Hairdressers, Engineers... View Article

My dentist said I need a crown – Part 2

March 5, 2018 6:30 am

My dentist said I need a crown   Fitting the crown   The dentist will try in the crown and check the fit and appearance.  If you are both satisfied the crown will be cemented into place. Once fit the crown should feel very much like the original tooth, although it may feel slightly strange at first.  Please feel free to contact the practice if the crown continues to feel uncomfortable, as it may need minor adjustment. Aftercare   A crown should be cleaned in the same way as your teeth.  It is essential to keep the area around your crown clean.  Gentle but thorough brushing of your gums and flossing is essential to elongate the life of your new... View Article

My dentist said I need a crown – Part 1

March 1, 2018 6:21 am

My dentist said I need a crown    Crowns   Crowns, also known as caps, are a laboratory made covering that fits over the tooth. If the tooth has been damaged, weakened by decay or a very large filling, a crown will protect and elongate the life of the tooth. You may also have a crown to improve the appearance of your teeth. Same day crowns are available but it usually takes a minimum of two visits to complete a crown.   Preparation of the tooth Your dentist will discuss the different crown options available to you, there are many types of crown available to suit budget and cosmetic requirements. The dentist will take an impression of the opposing teeth... View Article