What Is Inman Aligner? 


Inman Aligner is a removable orthodontic appliance which is used to straighten your front teeth. It works by applying soft and safe force to the teeth so that they move into the desired position.  


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How Do Inman Aligners Work? 


Within the Inman Aligner is a coiled Nickel Titanium spring which applies gentle force on either the inside or the back of your teeth. On the front of the Inman Aligner you will have a bar, this is designed to move your teeth into the required position. Due to the way the Inman Aligner works by pulling and pushing your teeth, the treatment time is usually shorter than with other types of invisible braces.  


How Long Do I Need To Wear Inman Aligner? 


Ideally you should wear your Inman Aligner between 16 Hours to 20 Hours daily. The more you wear your Inman Aligner the quicker your teeth will move and the sooner you can see your results. If you do not wear your Inman Aligner as required your treatment time will take longer to complete.  


Do I Need To Change The Aligner Every Week? 


Unlike Invisalign which has a number of Aligners, Inman Aligner moves the teeth into the correct position with just one Aligner. As with all orthodontic cases you will at the end of your treatment have a fixed retainer bonded to the back of your teeth to ensure they keep their position.  


Will It Correct Severe Crowding? 


Inman Aligner will not correct severe crowding as is mainly used to treat mild orthodontic cases. It is ideal for those who had orthodontic treatment as a child which has relapsed and they need slight correction.  


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