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Every day our mouths are forced to battle against the plaque and tartar that is brought in by our food and drink. Although a little build-up is completely normal, too much of it can result in gum disease, which is why oral hygiene is of the utmost importance. Of course, gentle brushing your teeth twice a day can reduce the build-up, but having your teeth cleaned by a hygienist every once in a while is vital. Not only will it help maintain a beautiful smile, but it will also prevent any further dental problems in the future.

The Process


Teeth cleaning at Viva Dental Studios involves removing the accumulation of plaque and tartar. The treatment leaves your teeth smooth and clean so that bacteria cannot stick to them. This will allow you to keep them cleaner during your usual brushing and flossing routine.

During your visit with us, a hygienist will explain exactly what they are doing to your teeth and why, followed by some advice on future cleaning techniques and areas you may have been neglecting. We use specialised, high quality tools to remove the plaque without damaging your teeth or gums. The process is entirely painless and nothing to worry about.

The Benefits


Visiting a hygienist for professional cleaning, as well as taking good care of your teeth at home, will help ensure you have a healthy mouth. This will not only maintain your dazzling smile, it will also help you keep your real teeth so that you don’t require fillings or dentures and also give you fresh breath.

By removing tartar from your teeth and giving you expert advice on how to stop it from returning will help to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. We have several hygiene treatments on offer so please head over to our Fees & Finance page if you’re interested in learning about the costs.

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