We all have ideas in our mind where we could improve our teeth. We may want them whiter, longer, straighter, wider, less gaps, cleaner and many more. If you ask our principal dentist Dr Parminder Battu he would like straighter, whiter and cleaner teeth. Cleaner teeth is easy as we have dedicated dental hygienists who are professionally trained to help keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. Find out More

Whichever objectives you have for your teeth we can help create it for you.

Great Smiles = Great Confidence


Confidence is something that is required in all walks of life. You can never give away a smile as you will always get one back! Are your teeth holding you back from your promotion at work? Maybe even finding your life partner? Did you know that you do not have to let it hold you or anyone else you know back any longer. Dr Parminder Battu at Viva Dental Studio is highly experienced in creating beautiful confident smiles.


How Can We Help You?


The team at Viva Dental Studio will listen to your needs and objectives. For example, if you want white teeth we will focus on whitening your teeth in the best way possible. If you want straighter teeth, we will focus our attention on straightening teeth but you can see what a difference teeth whitening can make. We will asses your teeth and speak to you about the methods to achieve your new smile. We will use dental models, images and mock ups to design and create your smile.

Here are some examples of previous smile created by Viva Dental Studio.


How Will Smile Imaging Help?


At Viva Dental Studio we have invested in digital imaging software which helps us create your dream smile. We can use the software to show, design and create your confident dream smile. We can make one or many digital modifications to your smile in order to achieve the best results for you. We can show you your transformed smile before we create it!


How Much Does Smile Imaging Cost?


Nothing! Yes that is correct. As part of our free consultations we can design your smile digitally and even provide you with a print out of the new smile before you leave. This process will be free and will not be charged for. The treatment plan once agreed can be financed or paid in full whichever is more suitable for you. Payment plans are available which will help spread the investment of the treatment over a few or more months.


What Do I Need To Do?


We ask you to simply email us a photograph of your face showing your teeth smiling or come in to the surgery in person. We will upload your photograph onto our smile imaging software and digitally design your smile in minutes!


How Can I Book In?


We offer free consultations for all our cosmetic procedures. You can book online here or call 01708446447 for an appointment.

For email enquiries please email your picture to hello@vivadentalstudio.co.uk and let us know your main objectives for example ‘whiter teeth, straighter teeth, Hollywood Smile’. Remember to be as detailed as possible.


We look forwards to working with you on your Confident Smile Journey!


Please see the whitening and teeth straightening transformation.



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