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A straight smile with pearly white teeth will complement any outfit! Whether it is your dream wedding dress, birthday outfit or your simple work attire you can be sure to sparkle with Enlighten Teeth Whitening. The main difference between Enlighten Teeth Whitening and other whitening treatments are the results. Enlighten tooth whitening guarantees whiter teeth if you follow the strict protocol of the whitening process.


Why choose Viva Dental Studio for Enlighten Whitening?


  • Late evening and weekend appointments available
  • Never miss school or work for your white teeth
  • Dr Parminder Battu has been using Enlighten Whitening system since 2012 and is very experienced.
  • Cost effective and interest free 0% finance available to spread the cost
  • Great results achieved with all whitening systems


How white will your teeth get?


Teeth can be whitened up to 16 shades lighter. This is based on a number of factors which we will discuss at your free Enlighten whitening consultation.


Not looking for the fake white teeth look?


Unless you opt for Porcelain Veneers or Crowns, your natural teeth will never look fake or too white!


Example of a teeth Whitening Case at Viva Dental Studio in Essex treated by Dr Parminder Battu

Got a filling, crown or veneer that you want to whiten?


Unfortunately Enlighten whitening or any whitening product or system will be unable to whiten restorations. You may need to replace the restorations once you have whitened your teeth.


Is it painful?


A tube of Tooth Serum will be given to you before you start your whitening process. This will help to desensitise the teeth reduce the amount of sensitivity you may experience.


I am getting married in less than a month is this enough time?


We will need at least 15 days to whiten your teeth with the Enlighten whitening system. You will wear customised whitening trays at home for 14 days and on the 15th day you will come into the surgery for a power whitening session. This usually takes 1 hour and it enhances your already whitened teeth experience.


Will I need to whiten my teeth forever?


It is recommended to whiten your teeth for one night every month to maintain your white teeth result. This is carried out with your customised whitening trays and top up gels, which can be bought from Viva Dental Studio.


Does it damage my teeth?


Teeth whitening when carried out properly and under the instruction of a dentist will help you achieve a great white teeth result in a safe and controlled manner.


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For further information and spreading the cost of your white teeth result please book your free Enlighten whitening consultation. You can call 01708 446 447 or book online here.

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