Viva Dental Studio is a recognised provider of Dental Care to Cigna Healthcare Insurance Cover. Cigna Healthcare Insurance Cover is provided by employers to their employees where employees can benefit from dental care incentives. These incentives include access to high quality dental care and discounts on their dental treatment costs. Cigna Healthcare Insurance is a Global insurance provider for General Health and General Dental Care.


It has been estimated by The Oral Health Foundation that £105 million per year is spent on dental related sick days by employers. Cigna Healthcare Insurance Cover provides access to regular dental appointments to aid in prevention, treatment and ongoing care for employees.


Types of Cover


Cigna offers the following types of cover

  1. Denta Cover
  2. Full Cover
  3. Oral Health
  4. Healthy Discounts


Viva Dental Studio – Cigna Healthcare Insurance


If you are a member of the Cigna Healthcare Insurance Cover group then we look forward to hearing from you. We offer late evening and weekend appointments so you never need to miss important work meetings and events. Please call 01708 446 447 to book your first appointment with us at Viva Dental Studio.


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