Emergency Dentist Hornchurch, Essex

If an accident or injury has caused you to chip or break a tooth, or even knock one out of place, you will require dental care as soon as possible.  At Viva Dental, we can care for your injuries and aches to ensure your gums and teeth heal fast and successfully, so that you avoid further dental complications in the future. We are a private dental practice that tailors our service to meet the specific requirements of each and every patient.

Our emergency appointments are offered on a first come first serve basis to both adults and children. They cost £80 and include simple pain relief and advice regarding the next steps. Contact the Studio on 01708 446 447 for a same day appointment. The team will be able to advise you if you have any immediate questions or queries.

In addition to same day emergency appointments, we are also proud to offer out of hours support for any dental crises. We want your problem to be solved with speed.  Simply contact the Hornchurch Emergency Dentist on 01708 361 995

Most of the dental emergencies we care for are patients suffering with unexpected, severe toothache. If this happens to you, we recommend flossing and rinsing the area with warm water and contacting the studio as soon as you can for a same day appointment. If you have chipped or lost a tooth or a crown/filling has come out, it’s important that you keep the pieces safe and bring them to your appointment.

Perhaps you have noticed some swelling of your gums? This could be a sign of an infection and it is very important to deal with the problem as quickly as possible, because swelling can worsen rapidly. Don’t delay getting in touch to arrange an appointment if you are suffering from swelling.


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