If you would like to understand just how effective our orthodontic treatments can truly be, our ‘before and after’ photos will show you some of the beautiful transformations that we are responsible for.

Lingual Upper and Discreet Lower Braces

Treatment Time – 6 months

This client was extremely happy with his results. Smile transformation in 6 months. Missing a lower front tooth and nobody can even notice! Camouflage your beautiful imperfections. Fixed and removable retainers to prevent Relapse (pre whitening photographs). Treated with hidden Lingual upper brace so no one could see them. Discreet Ceramic braces on the lower. The teeth were cosmetically contoured to allow for a more symmetrical approach.

V- shaped upper arch. Great result with straightening.  Front teeth de-rotated. The rounder, fuller smile look. Fixed retainer to prevent relapse.

Braces Followed By Cosmetic Bonding

There were some slight rotations and gaps which our lovely patient did not like. After the straightening process, the patient wanted the teeth more level with greater symmetry. We did some cosmetic bonding after the treatment with Lingual braces to further enhance the smile to perfection. Our patient was extremely happy with the result treated by Dr Parminder Battu.

Before Braces


With Lingual Braces only for the Upper

Straight After Braces – Notice the tips of the teeth being uneven and curved

After bonding to even out the tips of the teeth and make the teeth more symmetrical


Class 2 Division 2

This is where the upper teeth are usually set back. The lower jaw is much smaller than the upper teeth and this can cause an unwanted gap between the upper and lower teeth. Ideally teeth would need to be taken out to reduce the gap however this can cause lip thinning and changes in facial profile. The following case was treated with discreet braces and no teeth were taken out. Upper and lower teeth were straightened within 9 months.

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