Retaining Your Smile After Braces 


Retainers Explained   


Here at Viva Dental Studio we recommend to all of our orthodontic patients to have a retainer after their treatment has finished. This is to keep the teeth straight and in position.  


What Are Retainers? 


Retainers are orthodontic appliances that hold your teeth in position. Once orthodontic treatment has finished your dentist will advise that you will need a retainer, to continue maintaining the straightness of the teeth. It will also ensure that the bite and appearance of the smile doesn’t change. If a retainer is not worn properly teeth can shift back into their positions. Depending on the individual’s cases will depend on whether a fixed or removeable retainer you will need. 


Types Of Retainer 


Fixed: A fixed retainer is a wire that is placed at the back of your lower or upper teeth. They are non-visible and are bonded to the back of the teeth, to prevent the teeth relapsing and to keep gaps closed. Due to them being fixed retainers you can know that they will hold your teeth 24/7.


Removeable: Removeable retainers are made of clear plastic or can be plastic and metal. They are designed to fit over your teeth and help to keep your teeth in place, instead of them moving back to their original position. Patients with removeable retainers are advised to wear them for as many hours as possible day and night.  


Which Is The Best Orthodontic Retainer? 


Either a fixed or removeable retainer work well at holding your straightened teeth in alignment. If there is space and the bite allow for a removeable retainer, then the dentist will take impressions and retainers will be made. If there is not enough space for a fixed retainer, then a removable fixed retainer can be placed to ensure the teeth will not move out of alignment.  

At Viva Dental Studio we always make sure our orthodontic patients are given removeable retainers regardless to if we have fitted a fixed retainer, this is to ensure all your teeth are held in position not just the ones affixed to the fixed retailer. 


Examples Of The Retainers 


Below we put together a selection of images relating to Retainers: 




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