Month: May 2019

Invisalign Braces in Essex

May 20, 2019 1:02 pm

Invisalign Braces In Essex Invisalign Braces are a great way to straighten crooked, uneven, crowded, spaced out teeth. They are removable and are easily removed when eating, drinking and brushing your teeth. They are almost entirely invisible and most people will not notice you have them on at all. You will have some small tooth coloured buttons which will put pressure on your teeth to guide them into place quickly and almost pain free. Viva Dental Studio offer Invisalign Braces in Essex, London. They are based in Hornchurch, Essex on the High Street with parking at the back of the surgery. Jack Fowler Jack Fowler from Love Island 2018 has recently started his Invisalign Braces treatment in Essex at Viva... View Article