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Invisalign Braces in Essex

May 20, 2019 1:02 pm

Invisalign Braces In Essex Invisalign Braces are a great way to straighten crooked, uneven, crowded, spaced out teeth. They are removable and are easily removed when eating, drinking and brushing your teeth. They are almost entirely invisible and most people will not notice you have them on at all. You will have some small tooth coloured buttons which will put pressure on your teeth to guide them into place quickly and almost pain free. Viva Dental Studio offer Invisalign Braces in Essex, London. They are based in Hornchurch, Essex on the High Street with parking at the back of the surgery. Jack Fowler Jack Fowler from Love Island 2018 has recently started his Invisalign Braces treatment in Essex at Viva... View Article

What is The Sleepwell Appliance?

February 18, 2019 6:30 am

What Is The Sleepwell®?   The Sleepwell® consists of two appliances worn on each arch similar to a mouthguard. The two appliances hook into each other and maintain forward position of the lower jaw. This keeps a constant opening of the airway for air to pass through. The Sleepwell® is ideal for treatment of mild to moderate sleep apnoea cases. The NHS currently only treats severe cases of obstructive sleep apnoea and this is with a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) treatment.   What Are The Benefits Of The Sleepwell®?   The Sleepwell® appliance has an 80% success rate in treating fully apnoeic patients. The high acceptance from patients due to its comfort meant it was used by 98% of... View Article

What Is Composite Bonding?

February 10, 2019 10:12 pm

  Composite Bonding Composite bonding is a non invasive, painless and no injection way to enhance the tooth structure. Composite Bonding is also known as Composite Veneers. This is a popular way to make your teeth whiter, close gaps, change the tooth shape and get that perfect smile. Composite Bonding is cost effective and instant veneers

Wedding ready with Cosmetic Bonding

November 26, 2018 12:04 pm

The dentists and dental nurses at Viva Dental Studio treat patients who have come to us for a wide variety of reasons. It could be that they have always hated their crooked teeth and didn’t realise how advanced dental braces were. Some love the bright white smiles they see on celebrities and want the same thing. For others, it could be that they have a major event coming up and just want to feel perfect which is what brought this patient in to the dental studio for cosmetic bonding… Diane came to us wanting the perfect smile in time for her daughter’s wedding which was just over a week away. As with all the people our dentists see in the... View Article

Invisalign Promotional Day 6th October

September 17, 2018 4:01 pm

What is Invisalign?   Invisalign braces are clear removable braces which help straighten crooked teeth and closes gaps. They are almost entirely invisible when worn and are delicate in their small, constant force. You have a series of aligners, which are changed every 7 – 14 days. You may have some attachments on the teeth.   What are Attachments?   Attachments are tooth coloured blocks on the teeth. They are specially designed to move the teeth in a certain direction and position. You may see these if you look closely but they are essential for predictable tooth movements.   How long does the treatment take?   Invisalign treatment time depends on the severity of the case. The teeth can be... View Article

Amalgam Silver Filling vs Composite White Fillings

August 13, 2018 6:15 am

 What Are Amalgam Fillings?   Amalgam fillings are made up of a combination of metals, which consist of liquid Mercury and an alloy powder made up of Silver, Copper and Tin. Amalgam fillings are hard-wearing and are Silver in colour. The NHS consider Composite tooth coloured fillings to be cosmetic and are not classed as medically needed, so you will have Amalgam fillings placed in your teeth to restore them.   What Are Composite Fillings?   Composite fillings are made up of a plastic and glass mixture, they are also known as White fillings. Your NHS dentist may offer you a tooth coloured Composite filling if your front teeth need restoring. Composite fillings are less noticeable than Amalgam fillings as... View Article

Things To Do In Hornchurch

June 8, 2018 6:30 am

Dentist in Hornchurch   We are a modern private dental surgery located along Hornchurch High Street, we provide affordable, bespoke, general and cosmetic dentistry as well as Facial Aesthetics.  You can choose from one of our early morning, late evening or weekend appointments so you never miss work or school. Enjoy refreshments upon arrival and relax in our pristine waiting area before being seen in one of our modern surgeries. Watch a movie of your choice while having your treatment done. Customer parking is available with easy access to the surgery.    What’s Going On In Hornchurch?    Viva Dental Studio and other local shop owners in Hornchurch, within the last year have been working together to form a local town team called the ‘Hornchurch Town Team’. Our aim of... View Article

How Does Smoking Affect You and Your Mouth?

May 23, 2018 12:33 pm

How Smoking Affects Your Oral Health   What Happens To Your Teeth When You Smoke?   Smoking causes staining which leaves brown marks on the teeth giving a dark discoloured look to the teeth. These stains are hard to remove with just general at home manual dental cleaning and normally requires seeing a dental hygienist who will be able to remove them.   What Effects Does Smoking Have On Your Gums?   People who smoke are more susceptible to developing Gum Disease, this is due to a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream caused by smoking. Bacterial Plaque in smokers normally builds up more rapidly than in non-smokers meaning gum disease takes effect more quickly. If gum disease is left... View Article


May 2, 2018 10:44 pm

VIVA DENTAL STUDIO INTERNAL TOOTH WHITENING FOLLOWING ROOT CANAL TREATMENT What is Internal Tooth Whitening?   Internal tooth whitening is bleaching of the tooth colour from within the tooth. It uses the centre part of the tooth where the blood supply is to whiten the tooth colour. The tooth would have had a root canal which is first sealed with a filling material. Why does a tooth go dark?   Usually a tooth which is non vital (no bloody supply) will quickly start to discolour. Sometimes external tooth whitening (traditional whitening) does not whiten the tooth colour enough. Internal tooth whitening works on the deeper tooth structure and dentine. Will the tooth remain white after internal tooth whitening?   There... View Article