Invisalign Promotional Day 6th October

September 17, 2018 4:01 pm

What is Invisalign?


Invisalign braces are clear removable braces which help straighten crooked teeth and closes gaps. They are almost entirely invisible when worn and are delicate in their small, constant force. You have a series of aligners, which are changed every 7 – 14 days. You may have some attachments on the teeth.


What are Attachments?


Attachments are tooth coloured blocks on the teeth. They are specially designed to move the teeth in a certain direction and position. You may see these if you look closely but they are essential for predictable tooth movements.


How long does the treatment take?


Invisalign treatment time depends on the severity of the case. The teeth can be straightened in as little as 12 weeks or can take as long as a couple of years. The initial consultation on Saturday 6th October 2018 will advise you on how long treatment will take. The clin check will show you how the teeth will look after the straightening procedure even before you have started.


What is a Clin Check?


A Clin Check is a special Invisalign software designed to show the before and end results of the teeth straightening process. It is customised to you and to your teeth. It is also a predictor in how much time it will take to straighten the teeth and how many aligners are needed.


Promotional Day Saturday 6th October 2018


On Saturday 6th October 2018 we are having a promotional day where we will be offering up to £1100 off braces. This will include

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Free Detailed Consultation
  • Unlimited Aligners with our top Invisalign Package
  • Free Teeth Contouring
  • Free Professional Home Teeth Whitening
  • Free Retainer Package.

To book in please call 01708446447 or fill in our contact form.