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No More Messy Impressions

January 25, 2020 5:48 am

TRIOS 3M Digital Scanner   Here at Viva Dental Studio we aim to provide treatment in the most relaxed and calm way possible. With advances in dentistry in the last few years we aim to implement these more refined treatment options and offer them to our patients. One main advancement in dentistry is the use of a digital scanner which replaces the need for messy dental impressions. This is particularly advantageous for those patient’s who have a gag reflex and find tolerating the dental impressions difficult.   What is a digital scanner for impression taking   The digital scanner which we use is a Trios scanner made by 3M. It is a highly advanced digital scanner which can be used... View Article

How to care for your Invisalign

October 31, 2018 6:34 am

    Your Invisalign aligners must be kept safe and protected from damage. They should be kept in the aligner cases that are provided. In this video we explain how the aligners should be cared for.   Caring for your Invisalign aligners video trasncript: Parminder: “Okay, so, Melissa, how do they feel?” Melissa: “They feel fine, absolutely fine.” Parminder: “Okay, so one thing that we always need to mention is you need to wear them for at least 22 hours a day. The main thing with invisalign is that small constant, steady force that changes the position of the teeth and gets them straight. So what we do give you is we give you two liner cases – you’ve got the red and... View Article

Invisalign ClinCheck Essex

October 25, 2018 6:22 am

 The ClinCheck is a video representation of your smile. You can see how many aligners will be needed to straighten your smile and subsequently see how long it may take to get your dream smile. The clincheck will show you how many attachment’s you will require and if there is any polishing that will be needed between the teeth. Invisalign Clincheck Transcript Melissa: “Hello everyone, we’re here today to review my Invisalign Clinheck so as you can see down here at the bottom this is where my teeth are slightly over crowded. The numbers down the bottom here represent the amount of polishing that’s going to be needed in between each of my teeth. If we go on to... View Article

6 Things You Need To Know About Invisalign Braces 

June 11, 2018 9:41 pm

Invisalign 6 Things You Need To Know:    Before starting your Invisalign straight teeth journey with us at Viva Dental Studio we have put together a small list of useful things you should know.    Impressions: You dentist will need to take moulds of your teeth, which will be sent to the manufactures Invisalign who make the aligners.   Invisalign Attachments: Invisalign attachments are tooth coloured composite blocks placed on the teeth. This is a necessary part of the Invisalign treatment as they enable the aligner to grip the teeth better to ensure the teeth move in a specific way/ direction. Due to them being tooth coloured they are almost invincible and can only be seen if you are up close to someone.  Changing The Invisalign Aligners: The aligner should be worn for a total of 5-14 Days before being changed over. Depending on has fast your... View Article

Free Dental Cosmetic Consultation in Hornchurch, Essex

May 29, 2018 10:16 am

  What Is A Dental Consultation?   A Consultation is an appointment with our principle dentist Dr. Battu at Viva Dental Studio in Hornchurch, Essex. You can sit down and discuss with him treatment options you are interested in and to be advised on the best options for your case. Whether you are looking to achieve a different appearance of your teeth, straighten your smile, whiten your teeth or smooth out fine lines and wrinkles we offer a Free Consultation for you to check your options before going ahead with any treatment.   FREE Dental Consultations At Viva Dental Studio   Here at Viva Dental Studio we offer various Free Consultations for the following treatments:   Free Brace Consultation: You... View Article

Six Month Brace and Teeth Whitening

May 8, 2018 3:20 pm

  Six Month Brace   Upper and lower braces used to straighten Align and level teeth top and bottom. With some missing teeth there will be a need for a bridge to cover this gap. Dentures and Implants were not suitable. Find out more about our six month smile braces!   Teeth Whitening   Teeth whitening is being completed before the provision of the dental Maryland Bridge. The new replacement tooth will match with the existing teeth and to the whitened colour of the teeth. The shade for the new tooth will be taken once the teeth whitening has been completed.   Offer   We offer free consultations to discuss your treatment needs and objectives. You can book now by... View Article


May 1, 2018 4:02 pm

INVISALIGN CLEAR ALIGNERS   What is Invisalign?   Invisalign braces are an orthodontic system which uses clear aligners to move the placement of teeth. It uses gentle controlled force to push and pull the teeth into alignment. It consists of a number of Aligners specially designed to fit your mouth and these are changed after a period of 10-14 days.   What are Aligners?   Aligners are clear plastic trays that have been specifically designed for the individuals case. Each Aligner works by moving the teeth into the desired position, depending on the patient’s orthodontic treatment plan.     What is Invisalign Aligners Made From?   Invisalign Aligners are made from a Thermoplastic material, they are specifically designed for the... View Article


April 13, 2018 6:09 am

 What is Invisalign?   Invisalign is a clear removable brace system which is designed to straighten your teeth. The Invisalign brace system has successfully treated over 4 million cases and is the most popular removable brace system. Recent improvements and updates in the design, quality and compliance of the Invisalign brace system has improved the clinical outcomes. We are getting very good results from the Invisalign brace system at Viva Dental Studio, Hornchurch, Essex. The speed of straightening is comparable to fixed alternatives.   Invisalign Procedure   Moulds of the teeth are taken and sent to the Invisalign Lab. Invisalign is an American based company which digitally scans moulds from the mouth. This digital representation is manipulated on computer via... View Article

Common Brace Problems

February 19, 2018 6:00 am

COMMON BRACE PROBLEMS   What are Braces?   Braces can be fixed or removable. Braces are designed to change the current position of the teeth. Many patients have braces to close spacing, correct over crowding or to simply improve their smile. Teenagers are most common to have braces but in recent times adults are now seeking more and more braces treatments. Braces can take a conventional approach or a purely cosmetic approach.   What are the common brace problems?   Braces whether fixed or removable can cause the following problems.   Gingivitis Gingivitis in simple terms means inflammation of the gums. This is where the patient may experience bleeding and soreness. In extreme cases they may develop swelling of the... View Article

Invisalign vs Fixed Braces in Essex

February 13, 2018 12:00 pm

Invisalign Vs Fixed Braces in Essex In this blog we will discuss the differences, advantages and disadvantages of Invisalign braces in comparison to fixed braces such as six month smiles, lingual braces and conventional train track style braces.   What is Invisalign?   Invisalign are clear aligners that have been custom made for your teeth to help with movement. Gentle controlled force is applied to the teeth in order to move them into a more healthier alignment. Each aligner is normally worn for a period of two weeks and then you will visit the dentist for the next aligner.   What are Fixed Braces?   Fixed braces are small brackets which are bonded to your teeth. They can be metal... View Article