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What is Invisalign?


Invisalign braces are an orthodontic system which uses clear aligners to move the placement of teeth. It uses gentle controlled force to push and pull the teeth into alignment. It consists of a number of Aligners specially designed to fit your mouth and these are changed after a period of 10-14 days.


What are Aligners?


Aligners are clear plastic trays that have been specifically designed for the individuals case. Each Aligner works by moving the teeth into the desired position, depending on the patient’s orthodontic treatment plan.



What is Invisalign Aligners Made From?


Invisalign Aligners are made from a Thermoplastic material, they are specifically designed for the individuals orthodontic case.



How Often Should the Aligners Be Changed?


It is recommended that Aligners should be changed over every 2 weeks. You will book in to see your dentist who will give you the next Aligner and review the progress at the same time.


How Many Hours Should the Aligners Be Worn?


It is recommended that Aligners should be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day. The only time you should remove your Aligners is if you are eating. Once you have finished eating clean your teeth and place the retainer back into your mouth. You should also remove the Aligner if you have any sugary drinks as this could then sit within the Aligner and could lead to dental decay.


How Do I Keep the Aligners Clean?


To keep your Aligners clean you should use cold water, never use hot water as this could warp the tray. Using a mild soap or Retainer Brite tablets with cold water, get a soft bristle brush and scrub the Aligner. Don’t scrub the aligner to hard as it may cause scratches, which could then led to the growth of germs and bacteria.


What Are Retainers?


Retainers are used to keep the teeth in alignment after orthodontic treatment has taken place. This helps keep the teeth straight and stops them from moving back into their original position. Retainers can either be fixed or removeable. Fixed Retainers are bonded to the back of the teeth using a wire. Removeable Retainers are clear plastic trays which can be taken in and out.


What Are Vivera Retainers?


Vivera Retainers are like Invisalign Aligners but are thicker, they are still clear in colour making then almost invisible. They are used to help keep your teeth in the position they have been moved to.


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