Are Invisalign Braces For Me?

December 7, 2017 9:00 am

Are Invisalign Braces for me?

Here we speak with Manvir who has started her Invisalign Braces Treatment.

We discuss the following:

  1. Why she chose Viva Dental Studio?
  2. Any problems she has faced?
  3. Does she recommend Invisalign at Viva Dental Studio
  4. What is the best bit about Viva Dental Studio?
  5. Payment Options available at Viva Dental Studio.

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Malissa: We are here today with our lovely patient Manvir. She has recently started Invisalign here at the surgery and we are just going to ask her a few questions about how her treatment is going.

So what made you choose Viva Dental Studio?

Manvir: So I was recommended by one of my friends because I noticed some movement in my teeth and I wanted to get some braces and a consultation. So I decided to come to Viva through recommendation.

Malissa: And what made you choose the Invisalign over the other type of braces?

Manvir: Well this treatment was a great choice for me as I felt conscious if I had braces because being in my 20s I didn’t really want to have fixed braces. With invisalign it was, I feel quite confident and comfortable and it has been great so far.

Malissa: And when you are wearing them you feel confident?

Manvir: Yeah even wearing them people do not notice them and I can act smile and still feel confident.

Malissa: And since you have worn them have you had any problems? Have there been any discomforts or anything like that?

Manvir: No there has not been, at first I had to get used to it initially for the first few days but after that it was fine and its been great.

Malissa: Was that just for the start of the movement?

Manvir: Yeah, Yeah obviously because I had to get used to the braces and it was difficult for me to get used to that in my mouth but after that it was fine.

Malissa: And have you recommended it to anyone or would you recommend Invisalign to anyone?

Manvir: Yes I would recommend it because I mean if you do have uneven teeth or you do feel you need braces but then you feel conscious because you an adult now I would highly recommend it because with Invisalign you don’t notice it and its been reasonable payment as well the payments been great and the treatment. The service has been amazing.

Malissa: We have different payment options is the payment options something you went for?

Manvir: Yeah, so I went for the payment option that’s been good for me and worked well for me.


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