Invisalign vs Fixed Braces in Essex

February 13, 2018 12:00 pm

Invisalign Vs Fixed Braces in Essex

In this blog we will discuss the differences, advantages and disadvantages of Invisalign braces in comparison to fixed braces such as six month smiles, lingual braces and conventional train track style braces.


What is Invisalign?


Invisalign are clear aligners that have been custom made for your teeth to help with movement. Gentle controlled force is applied to the teeth in order to move them into a more healthier alignment. Each aligner is normally worn for a period of two weeks and then you will visit the dentist for the next aligner.


What are Fixed Braces?


Fixed braces are small brackets which are bonded to your teeth. They can be metal in colour or nowadays you will find enamel coloured brackets making them more discreet. Once the brackets have been placed a wire is then put through the brackets and small elastic bands are placed over the bracket. This is how the teeth will gradually move into the correct position.


Advantages of Invisalign?


Invisalign is best used for cases which are not too complicated. They are a better alternative for those who wish to achieve straight teeth but don’t want anyone else knowing they are wearing braces. Invisalign does not affect your speech.  Invisalign offers patients a clin check, this digitally shows patients what their teeth will look like at the end of their treatment.


Advantages of Fixed Braces?


Fixed Braces are the best option for complicated cases. Although they are not the most appealing to the eye, they do work faster in aligning the teeth and closing gaps. This makes treatment time shorter. They are fixed to the teeth so there is no chance of forgetting to put them in, like with removeable braces.


Which Braces Is Best Invisalign Or Fixed Braces?


Choosing which brace is best depends on the needs and severity of the individuals case and deciding which brace will meet the patients needs in the best way. We will need to see you and assess you before offering you the best treatment option for you. 


If you are interested in braces or you know someone who is interested in braces, please book a FREE consultation with us. The principal dentist will go through the details of each braces and together you will decide on the best braces for you.


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