Month: January 2020

No More Messy Impressions

January 25, 2020 5:48 am

TRIOS 3M Digital Scanner   Here at Viva Dental Studio we aim to provide treatment in the most relaxed and calm way possible. With advances in dentistry in the last few years we aim to implement these more refined treatment options and offer them to our patients. One main advancement in dentistry is the use of a digital scanner which replaces the need for messy dental impressions. This is particularly advantageous for those patient’s who have a gag reflex and find tolerating the dental impressions difficult.   What is a digital scanner for impression taking   The digital scanner which we use is a Trios scanner made by 3M. It is a highly advanced digital scanner which can be used... View Article

Dental Hygienist Hornchurch

January 21, 2020 11:19 am

Dental Hygienist   At Viva Dental Studio we have a trained team of hygienists who look to make sure your mouth and gums are kept clean and healthy. Based in Hornchurch, Essex, we offer hygiene appointments on weekends and late evenings. A dental hygienist is a specially trained professional who is trained in cleaning teeth free of plaque and tartar, eliminating tartar from deep below the gums and letting you know how best to keep the mouth free of tartar in the future.   Why is Dental Hygiene important?   The build up of plaque and tartar can mean bad things for the gums and essentially lead to tooth loss. The gums and bone are the foundations of the teeth... View Article