Month: September 2017

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Invisalign – Straight Teeth NO Brace Alternative

September 19, 2017 9:41 am

What is an Invisalign Orthodontic Appliances? Invisalign is orthodontics with a difference. Align technology developed Invisalign in 1997. How are Invisalign Orthodontic Appliances different to traditional Train-Track braces? Invisalign is a clear brace with no metal. It is almost entirely invisible and even you will be unable to tell you are wearing them. How do they work? Invisalign appliances are made from a strengthened plastic material. Gentle forces applied to the teeth will help straighten your teeth over time. How long does the treatment last? Invisalign treatments ranges from 9 – 18 months on average. The treatment is dependent on many factors and the main one being the complexity of the treatment. What do they look like? How much do... View Article