Free Dental Cosmetic Consultation in Hornchurch, Essex

May 29, 2018 10:16 am


What Is A Dental Consultation?


A Consultation is an appointment with our principle dentist Dr. Battu at Viva Dental Studio in Hornchurch, Essex. You can sit down and discuss with him treatment options you are interested in and to be advised on the best options for your case. Whether you are looking to achieve a different appearance of your teeth, straighten your smile, whiten your teeth or smooth out fine lines and wrinkles we offer a Free Consultation for you to check your options before going ahead with any treatment.


FREE Dental Consultations At Viva Dental Studio


Here at Viva Dental Studio we offer various Free Consultations for the following treatments:


Free Brace Consultation: You will have a one to one Consultation with Dr. Battu who will firstly ask why you want braces. He will ask you if you have a brace system in mind already? He will asses your teeth, mouth and gums before going through the different brace systems we offer at Viva Dental Studio. We offer Invisalign, Lingual Braces and Clear Fixed Braces. He will give you his professional opinion on which brace system he thinks would work best to achieve your desired goal.


Free Teeth Whitening Consultation: We want to know what white teeth will mean for you. During your one to one Consultation, Dr. Battu will assess your teeth first to ensure there are no other underlaying issues with the teeth. He will then explain the two different ways we offer Teeth Whitening, either the In-house system or the Take-Home kit. You will then be advised on how the different Brands used for whitening work such as Zoom, Boutique, Pola and Enlighten.


Free Dermal Fillers / Botox Consultation: Firstly, you will explain to Dr. Battu during your one to one Consultation what it is you are unhappy about and what it is you want to achieve. He will then give his professional advice on what he thinks you can fully achieve and what treatment options would be best for you, whether it be adding volume or lift to an area and roughly how much filler you may need. He will then explain to you the different Brands used for the Fillers and Botox, such as: Restylane, Azzalure, Teosyal, Juvaderm and many more. Find out more about Dermal Fillers.


Free Cosmetic Consultation: Do you have a dream smile in mind? What would you like your teeth to look like? Within your one to one Consultation with Dr. Battu you will be able to advise him on what treatment you are interested in. There are various Cosmetic options available now such as: Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, Implants and Cosmetic Bonding. He will give his professional opinion on what treatment would be best suited for your individual case.



Will I Have To Go Ahead With The Planned Treatment?


After your Consultation there are no obligations to go ahead with any proposed treatment. We will give you a detailed treatment plan which will show any suggested treatment for you and the charges. Any offers and promotional prices will be recommended to you.



If you would like to book in for one of our FREE Consultations, please contact the surgery on: 01708 446447 or email us at


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