My dentist said I need a crown – Part 2

March 5, 2018 6:30 am

My dentist said I need a crown


Fitting the crown


The dentist will try in the crown and check the fit and appearance.  If you are both satisfied the crown will be cemented into place. Once fit the crown should feel very much like the original tooth, although it may feel slightly strange at first.  Please feel free to contact the practice if the crown continues to feel uncomfortable, as it may need minor adjustment.



A crown should be cleaned in the same way as your teeth.  It is essential to keep the area around your crown clean.  Gentle but thorough brushing of your gums and flossing is essential to elongate the life of your new crown.  Problems tend to occur in the surrounding gums and the tooth root rather than the crown itself.

What you should know before having a crown

1. Occasionally, after the tooth has been prepared for a crown, other problems arise.  The tooth may need to have Root Canal Treatment, we would normally screen for this by taking an x-ray before the preparation appointment, however, abnormalities do not always show up on x-rays. An additional charge would be made for the root treatment.


2. The opposing tooth may need to be trimmed to provide more space for the crown to fit properly, this will not damage the opposing tooth.


3. Some porcelain crowns have a metal core to strengthen the crown; this metal may show up as a collar around the margin of the crown or occasionally on the biting surface.


4. The alternatives to having a crown are: leaving it, extraction, or rebuilding the tooth with a filling material; all these have advantages and disadvantages and the dentist will be happy to discuss them with you.


You can find out more about Crowns here.


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