Root Canal Treatment

February 26, 2018 6:17 am

Root Canal Treatment


What is Root Canal Treatment?


Root Canal Treatment is a complex procedure carried out by dentists to save teeth with severe problems.  It is usually necessary when the pulp (nerve) of a tooth is dead or dying, to cure infection and to stop pain.  It will also prevent further infection later in the tooth’s life.


How does the pulp die?


There are many ways, including a blow to the tooth, although tooth decay is the most common cause.
Root Canal Treatment is necessary when decay has reached the centre (pulp) of the tooth.  The tooth may become sensitive to hot and cold and will be sensitive to bite on. Occasionally, however, a tooth may die without causing any discomfort.

Bacteria grow in the root canals forming an infection, which can diffuse through the end of the tooth and into the bone underneath, this area is called an abscess.


What is the alternative to Root Canal Treatment?


If you do not wish to have RCT, the tooth may need to be extracted.  Leaving the tooth is not an option as once the pulp is destroyed it cannot recover and there is a risk of the infection spreading.  Most people would prefer not to have an extraction as the resulting gap may be unsightly, and the surrounding teeth may move. Chewing function will be lost and a replacement in the form of a denture, bridge or implant will be time consuming and ultimately costs much more the RCT.

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