Digital Dentistry


Here at Viva Dental Studio we are forever innovating to create the perfect patient experience. We are always investing in the most up to date technology so that we can diagnose and treat patients effectively. We offer digital dentistry at Viva Dental Studio and have done for many years.

What is Digital Dentistry?

Digital Dentistry is a collective term where the digital world is incorporated into a dental practice to provide more efficient dental treatment. It involves the use of digital or computer aided appliances which do not necessarily require processing and mechanical development. The scope of digital dentistry is as follows:

  1. CAD/CAM and intraoral imaging
  2. Digital caries diagnosis
  3. Computer aided Implant dentistry
  4. Digital Radiography
  5. Electric surgical/implant appliances
  6. Laser dentistry
  7. Occlusal and jaw development analysers
  8. Digital Photography
  9. Digital record management
  10. Digital Shade taking.


Advantages of Digital Dentistry


The main advantages for having digital dentistry available at Viva Dental Studio include a higher level of predicable outcomes, improved accuracy and especially in implant placement and mainly time efficiency and reduced cost.


Disadvantages of Digital Dentistry

The main disadvantage of digital dentistry is the cost for the practice to implement the new appliance and apparatus. There is further training required in most cases and there is the up keep and maintenance of the equipment.


Digital Dentistry Available At Viva Dental Studio?

At Viva Dental Studio, we have the following and more to offer digitally to make your experience most comfortable, informative and transparent.


Digital Record Keeping

To reduce paper wastage and reduce the impact on the environment, we offer where possible a paperless system to ensure all records are recorded and stored. These records are stored digitally so they can be easily passed onto other colleagues when required to ensure the optimal levels of dental care are provided. This also makes it easier to compare and record new and old sets of data collected about your dental care.

Digital Radiographs

Radiographs more commonly known as x-rays are taken in the same way as a normal analogue x-ray however they are processed within seconds and uploaded onto a screen to be viewed. The x-rays can be enlarged or the contrast changed to ensure the best diagnostic value is present. With the instant image on the computer there is no delay or wait time for treatment to commence. Digital radiographs offer lower radiation which is the key benefit to both the clinician and patient.

Intra Oral Camera

We use intra oral cameras which allow the patient to see clearly exactly what can be seen by their dentist. This shows them current problems live and also treatments that need to be done. In turn previous treatments can be checked and any new lesions or causes for concern can be highlighted quickly and informatively.

Digital intra Oral Scanner

We now no longer need to take messy impressions of your mouth and teeth. This has revolutionised dentistry and made it better to treat those with potential gag reflexes. We can take a computer aided scan of the mouth and send it anywhere in the world. These scans can be used to make restorations quickly and effectively at the practice and within hours rather than weeks.


Laser dentistry has been a great development in dental practices. We can now use digital lasers to remove gums and bone and help to treat decay. This is both less painful and with reduced healing times than before.


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