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Emergency Dentist Hornchurch Essex London

October 24, 2017 1:31 pm

First Aid Your Dental Emergency Emergency Dentist Hornchurch Essex London Parminder Battu, the Principal Dentist at Viva Dental Studio explains how to first aid your dental emergency. The Viva Dental Studio tips to handle the common most dental emergencies The team at Viva Dental Studio spoke to a number of their emergency clients. We listened to their concerns when they are awoken in the dead of night by toothache. Many explain they just did not know what to do! The Unexpected Toothache We never know when we may experience a dental emergency. Most wake up in the dead of night with a raging toothache. Nothing is worse than toothache. During sporting activities your child or partner could sustain a dental... View Article

5 Reasons To Visit Viva Dental Studio

October 24, 2017 1:23 pm

Emergency Dentist Toothache Hornchurch London Essex Click here to find out more about our dental team. Call our office for appointment bookings and more information on 01708 446 447

What Do Straight Teeth Mean For You?

October 24, 2017 1:22 pm

Straight Teeth Hornchurch, Essex With Invisalign Braces, Lingual Braces and Six Month Smiles Braces. Is your dream to have straight teeth? More than 70% of the population have concerns with the straightness of their teeth. People are fed up of crooked teeth and they want a solution. Viva Dental Studio explain the benefits of straight teeth. The team at Viva Dental Studio provide a tailored plan to straighten your teeth in the quickest most effective way possible. What Are Your Options? There are many different types and forms of braces. These range from being fixed and removable. Depending on the severity of your needs we can recommend the best braces for you. Typically you can get straight teeth in just... View Article

Don’t STOP Eating With Braces – Invisalign

October 24, 2017 1:20 pm

Don’t stop Eating with Invisalign Braces Hornchurch Essex   What Are Invisalign Braces Invisalign Braces – an American originated brace which is clear and removable. It consists of a series of aligners which are changed every 10-14 days. Each aligner moves the teeth bit by bit until the teeth are straight. Call our office on 01708 446 447 to find out if Invisalign is the perfect option for  you.   Invisalign Clear Aligners  

Invisalign – Straight Teeth NO Brace Alternative

October 24, 2017 1:19 pm

All you need to know about Invisalign Orthodontic Appliances What is an Invisalign Orthodontic Appliances? Invisalign is orthodontics with a difference. Align technology developed Invisalign in 1997. How are Invisalign Orthodontic Appliances different to traditional Train-Track braces? Invisalign is a clear brace with no metal. It is almost entirely invisible and even you will be unable to tell you are wearing them. How do they work? Invisalign appliances are made from a strengthened plastic material. Gentle forces applied to the teeth will help straighten your teeth over time. How long does the treatment last? Invisalign treatments ranges from 9 – 18 months on average. The treatment is dependent on many factors and the main one being the complexity of the treatment.... View Article

Best First Impressions With Zoom Office Whitening

October 24, 2017 1:03 pm

Zoom Office Whitening Zoom Office Hornchurch Essex Affordable Teeth Whitening We all know that first impressions COUNT. The team at Viva Dental Studio wants to make sure yours is a memorable one! A bright smile will make you look sensational. Having straight, white teeth oozes an electrifying inner confidence. It is your chance to brighten your smile today with our powerful in house whitening treatments. Zoom is designed to lighten discolourations caused by tea, coffee, cigarettes, medication and ageing. You will instantly notice the difference and so will everyone else. Beware… You may see adverts for toothpastes and strips that claim to whiten your teeth. Tooth whitening by a professional is safe and long lasting. Tooth Whitening lightens brown and yellow enamel discolourations, by... View Article

Dental Treatment In Hornchurch, Essex

October 24, 2017 12:59 pm

Viva Dental Studio in Hornchurch Many people have not been to the dentist in a very long time. When did you last visit the dentist? Some people do not know where to book. Do you know someone looking for a unique dental practice? Why Viva Dental Studio In Hornchurch Are Different? Viva Dental Studio in Hornchurch is a vibrant and modern dental practice. We offer general, cosmetic and specialist dentistry. The practice is clean and spacious. We openly welcome new and existing clients. The busy Viva Dental Studio in Hornchurch was formerly known as Smile Solutions. The practice was rebranded to Viva Dental Studio by the new Dentist, Parminder Singh Battu. Viva Dental Studio is a family dental practice located in Hornchurch, Essex. It is located on... View Article

Facial Aesthetics

October 24, 2017 12:57 pm

The common areas treated with Non Surgical Facial Aesthetics