Adult Teeth Straightening – Adult Braces

February 12, 2018 6:09 am

Adult Teeth Straightening – Adult Braces


There is no age limit to teeth straightening. Are you looking for adult teeth straightening – adult Braces? Some people do not know they are able to straighten their teeth as an adult. Have you already had braces when you were younger and did not wear your retainers? Your teeth may have moved out of line again and are no longer straight. Did you know you can still have braces again to straighten the teeth back? Here at Viva Dental Studio we are trained and specialised in cosmetic teeth straightening and can use cosmetic bonding and teeth whitening to further enhance your smile.


Viva Dental Studio Adult Braces


We offer a range of different products that can help to straighten your teeth. Adult Braces range from being very visible, discreet, to being completely invisible. The most invisible are the Lingual Braces. Lingual braces are fixed to the tongue side of the teeth. This means on the outside when smiling you will not be able to see them. You can magically straighten your teeth in a way your friends and relatives will not know. Secondly we can use Invisalign braces. These are removable and not fixed. Invisalign is ideal for individuals who are compliant in wearing removable braces and who want a little flexibility. The Invisalign braces are removed only when eating and brushing the teeth so eating is generally not affected. The final brace type is clear fixed braces. These are commonly known as Six Month Smile braces. They are attached to the front surface of the teeth and they can be silver metal or tooth coloured.


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All the adult braces are available for adults looking for adult teeth straightening and also teenagers who may have very minor straightening issues not suitable for NHS treatment. We offer a free consultation for all individuals looking to straighten their teeth and can go through the best options for you. Appointments are available late evening and on weekends. Contact the Viva Dental Studio team to find out more today.


Further treatment


Occasionally, if there are surface imperfections or chips on the teeth we may need to further enhance the teeth straightening process with teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding. You can find out more about these procedures following the links found below.


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Lingual Braces


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Call our office now on 01708 446 447 for more information and look at our fees and finance page for costing’s. First consultations are free and we offer interest free finance across our braces range.