Invisalign Review One Year On

September 23, 2018 4:19 pm

Here we have our amazing patient George who had Invisalign Braces for his upper and lower teeth, cosmetic contouring and professional home teeth whitening. We review his treatment one year on and ask him about his experience at Viva Dental Studio with Dr Parminder Battu #smilesbyparm.


Invisalign Braces Review Essex, Hornchurch


Invisalign review: One year on – transcript

Parminder: “We’ve got George here today who had Invisalign braces last year and has come in for a review and a clean. So, George, how was it?”


George: “Yeah, it was really good. It was nice that I could take it in and out, that’s probably the main reason why I went for Invisalign – that and the fact that, you know, with proper braces you see them. Obviously I’m 26 now so you really don’t want to be a 26 year old with visible braces. So it’s really good coming in here all the time with all the people that work at the dental studio it was really good. It’s like brand new dental studio as well so it’s really nice to come and yeah, I’m really happy with the end result – I get quite  a few compliments on my teeth and I’m really happy with them.”


Parminder: “Okay give us a good smile Ever seen white teeth like that?!”

Invisalign braces teeth whitening dentist Viva Dental Studio Hornchurch Essex


Main Advantages of Invisalign Braces according to George

  1. Can take the brace in and out
  2. Invisible
  3. A brace for young professionals

Why Come to Viva Dental Studio

  1. Clean environment
  2. Great staff


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