Different Types of Mouthwash

March 22, 2018 6:13 am

Different types of mouthwash


There are different types of mouthwash available now on the market depending on the individual’s needs – research has shown that it can help reduce plaque by up to 25% and is highly recommended by dentists.


Cosmetic Mouthwash:


This mouthwash is usually used to help fight bad breath and to disguise bad odours in the mouth. Although this mouthwash is great for freshening our breath it doesn’t give the patient any protection against tooth decay.


Antiseptic Mouthwash:


Using an antiseptic mouthwash helps to fight plaque and can also help protect our teeth from tooth decay. It can also help with reducing the number of bacteria found within the mouth. It can also come in different flavours.


Fluoride Mouthwash:


People who are susceptible to tooth decay are best using a Fluoride mouthwash as it works by protecting our teeth from acids produced by bacteria.


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