What To Expect After Root Canal Treatment

August 16, 2018 6:39 am

What are root canal treatments?


Teeth can sometimes become infected where the blood supply gets cut to the tooth. Root canal treatments are  where the inside of the tooth is cleaned free of infection and then filled to prevent further ingress of bacteria and infection. Root canal treatments have been shown to have a 95% chance of lasting 5 years. If a root canal treated tooth becomes re-infected then the tooth may need root treatment again. As a last resort the tooth could need to be taken out and then replaced.


Will My Tooth Hurt After RCT?


Your tooth may feel slightly sensitive for a few days after Root Canal Treatment. Due to the process of cleaning out the infection, you may experience sensitivity to hot and cold items. We advise our patients to use painkillers or their preferred headache tablet on the day of the treatment and the day after too to minimise sensitivity. The discomfort should then gradually resolve itself.

In more complex cases where the tooth has been infected, it may take more than a few days to settle down and you should avoid biting anything hard on the tooth.


Can I Eat After RCT?


We recommend to our patients that after treatment they can drink as normal, but to not have anything to hot in case they are still numb from the anaesthesia and they won’t be able to feel the temperature of the drink. Patients are advised they can eat after the anaesthetic has worn off but to try and have softer foods for the rest of the day.


You should try and avoid any sticky foods for the rest of the day and try eating on the opposite side of the mouth. You should be able to eat normally after 24 hours.


What If My Temporary Filling Comes Out?


It is quite common for temporary fillings to become loose or chip away slightly after treatment. Due to them being temporary they will not be as strong as permanent filling materials. If you feel your temporary filling has chipped or become loose contact your dentist and they will advise you from there. If the temporary filling becomes loose or completely comes out then contact your dentist and they will be able to get you in for a new temporary filling.


How To Look After Your Root Treated Tooth?


Once a tooth has had Root Canal Treatment you will have a filling placed into the tooth to help protect it from breaking. After a root canal the tooth becomes much weaker and a crown is normally suggested to the patient to restore the tooth.


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