Composite White Fillings

July 4, 2018 1:00 pm

 What Are Composite White Fillings? 


Composite white fillings also known as white fillings are tooth coloured. They are made from a plastic and glass mixture and are used to restore teeth if decay has been present. Due to them being tooth coloured they are less visible within the mouth. Composite material can also be used to cosmetically improve a smile by changing the shape and colour of the teeth. 

As many people want a natural looking smile, composite white fillings are now becoming more and more popular.  


Can I Have My Amalgam Silver Fillings Changed? 


Amalgam fillings can be change to Composite fillings but it always advisable to seek advice from your dentist.  


Are Composite Fillings Free on the NHS? 


The NHS states that if you require a restoration on any of your front teeth [Incisors and Canines] a Composite filling may be the material of choice. For back teeth [Premolars and Molars] the NHS tend to use Amalgam in these teeth as it is normally more clinically effective.  

At Viva Dental Studio we do not carry out any Amalgam fillings here, we only provide Composite restorations.  Fees for the Composite White Fillings start from £75.


Do Composite Fillings Discolour? 


Composite Fillings can stain over a period of time, very much like your own natural teeth. If you consume food and drinks with colourants in them, this can discolour the filling making it more visible. Stains do show up on Amalgam fillings also but are more noticeable with Composite fillings. The staining may be able to be polished away, making the filling last longer and meaning you don’t have to haver the filling re-done.  


Will It Match My Own Teeth? 


Yes, composite fillings can be matched to the shade of your own teeth, making them less visible. This means that even after dental treatment has taken place you can walk away with a natural looking smile, allowing you to feel confident when your smile.   


If you would like more information on ‘Composite Fillings’ please visit our Cosmetic Dentistry Page. You can find out more about Cosmetic Bonding here.


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