What are Fillers?

April 23, 2018 11:45 am


Fillers are the new way to improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles instead of choosing surgery. A 0.5ml/ 1ml solution is injected under the skin into the soft tissue to give fullness or lift. Fillers help to give a more youthful appearance by adding volume, lift and define skin which has sagged or aged over time. Fillers give volume and fullness to lines, wrinkles and folds and gives lift to skin which has sagged.


What areas of the face can Fillers be done?


There are many areas of the face that Fillers work well on depending on the individual patient’s need. These range from: –

* Lips:

Lip Fillers are usually used to give the lip volume of definition especially if the lip is thin.


* Cheek Fillers:

Cheek Fillers give the cheeks either Lift or Volume which has been lost over time due to aging.


* Naso-Labial/ Smile Lines:

Fillers are great to use in this area if you have deep folds as they fill the fold to give a fuller look.


* Tear Troughs:

Filler in this area adds Volume when there has been a loss of elasticity in the skin.


* Smoker’s Lines:

Due to smokers scrunching together their lips it can cause small vertical lines to appear above the lip, having filler in this area will give a smooth look.


* Corners of the Mouth:

Fillers can give lift in this area when the lip has dropped.



* Nose:

Lumps and bumps in the nose are quite common but by adding fillers it will give a more straighter appearance.

* Chin Augmentation:

For those wanting a more defined jaw line filler work well by adding volume.


* Marionette/ Puppet Lines:

Filler adds volume to this area which has been caused by sagging of the skin.


Are there any side effects to fillers?


Although Fillers are considered safe there are like most treatments some side effects which could occur.


The most common ones are: –

* Bruising

* Swelling/ Lumps

* Redness/ Rash

* Allergic Reaction


In very rare cases: –

* Skin Cells dying due to loss of blood flow

* Blindness

* Infections


If you are interested in fillers or would like more information, why not book in for one of our FREE FILLERS CONSULTATIONS, where you can discuss your options with one of our professionals.


Fillers – Lips/Nasiolabial/Cheek/Marionette

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