Oral Cancer Self Examination

April 10, 2018 12:37 pm


What is Oral Cancer?

Oral Cancer is one of the leading cancer’s in the world. There is a 50% survival rate up to 5 yrs in a person diagnosed with Oral Cancer. Oral Cancer kills one person every 24 hours totalling approximately 8000 deaths per year. Here we will look into how you can self examine your mouth to detect any abnormal signs. Any abnormality should be checked by your trained dentist. Viva Dental Studio provide Oral Cancer Screening with every examination and hygiene appointment.

Routine Dental appointments are the only effective way to diagnose oral cancer as self examination can be tricky to carry out.


Which Age is most affected?


Oral cancer is recently being seen in younger individuals but it mainly occurs in those over 5o years of age.


What does Oral Cancer affect most?


Oral Cancer affects the tongue, lips and gums. It presents as a red, white or patches and lumps. It is usually painless until it progresses. The cancer can be found in other areas of the mouth as well.


Step by Step guide to Oral Cancer Screening


You will need a bright light and a mirror to carry out your self examination and screening for Oral Cancer. Ensure you have removed any foreign bodies in the mouth including dentures, braces and piercings.

Firstly look and feel the lips on the outside and inside.

Secondly look at the roof of your mouth. This is best done by tilting your head backwards.

Check the cheeks and gums as far back in the mouth as possible. It is advised to pull the cheeks outwards to ensure greater visibility.

Fourthly check your tongue. Remember your tongue has four different surfaces and each surface should be checked in turn. Please refer to the oral cancer screening picture above.

Check the neck for any lumps and bumps or patches. You are checking for inflamed lymph nodes. Please note that lymph nodes can be enlarged for any reason ad it may not be linked to cancer.


What are you looking for?


You are looking for any abnormality in the mouth. Regular screening will alert you to any changes in the mouth and will pick up any disease very early on.

Check for red and white patches, lumps and bumps, thickening of the skin, swellings in the neck region and difficulties in swallowing and speaking.


What to do if you are unsure or worried?


It is important to make sure you do not ignore any signs of abnormality in the mouth. If you are unsure please seek expert advice and visit your dentist or doctor immediately. It is important to get things seen quickly. It may not be anything but it best to be safe.


At Viva Dental Studio we offer dental examinations and hygiene appointments. We provide oral cancer screening for free as part of this appointment. We can book in a late evening or weekend appointment so you do not have to miss school or work to attend.


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