Broken Front Tooth

March 20, 2018 5:28 pm

Broken Front Tooth Treatment


In this case the treatment involved

  1. Treating a Broken Tooth
  2. Root Canal Treatment
  3. Tooth Whitening
  4. All Porcelain Crown

Dental Trauma


This patient arrived at the surgery upon recommendation of his mother and father. He had recently had a tooth knocked and broken in an incident on a night out. There was no initial pain but the tooth became very dark and discoloured because of the acute trauma the tooth and nerve had faced. The patient did not like the tooth and was conscious of how it looked to other people. Wanting to restore his confidence Dr Parminder Battu went through all the options to restore the tooth back to health.


Broken tooth


Options for the tooth involved

  1. Leave and do nothing (obviously not the best option)
  2. Root canal treat the tooth and restore with a filling
  3. Root canal treat the tooth and restore with a Zirconia crown to mask the greyness of the tooth underneath
  4. Remove the tooth and think of a replacement.




Root Canal Treatment

The third option was chosen where the tooth would be protected with a crown but at the same time eliminate the greyness from being shown. The patient started his journey on the root canal treatment and we initially temporised the tooth with a composite filling.


The natural teeth are more yellow than the temporised crown


Tooth Whitening


Once the root canal treatment was completed and the tooth was symptomless we proceeded to tooth whitening. The tooth whitening option chosen was the home kit rather than the in chair whitening option. The patient had some whitening trays made up and used the whitening kit for 1 hour each day. He achieved a great result with the teeth whitening approximately 8 shades.


Broken tooth fixed and teeth whiteneing treatment complete - Viva Dental Studio, Hornchurch

Great tooth whitening results where the teeth have whitened beyond the B1 shade.

Teeth whitening results - Viva Dental Studio, Essex


All Porcelain Crown


The tooth was finally prepared for an all porcelain crown. To ensure the best colour match with the adjacent natural teeth the patient was sent to The Bremadent Laboratory in Walthamstow, London. Here the technician Carlos sat with the patient and went through the shade taking process. This resulted in the best colour match for the new crown made and the adjacent teeth. The final photographs can be found below.


Complete crown fixed - Viva Dental Studio, Hornchurch

Camouflaged result where the porcelain crown is indifferent in appearance to the natural teeth.

Complete crown fixed - Viva Dental Studio, Essex


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