General Dentistry

Viva Dental Studio general dentistry

Here at Viva Dental Studio we offer a complete range of affordable
private dental care under one roof.

Oral Cancer Screening

As part of your maintenance programme for a healthy mouth we regularly screen for
oral cancer, which is easily treatable if detected early.

Hygiene Care

Our hygienists will help you maintain a confident healthy smile.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Unsightly silver or grey fillings can now be replaced with tooth coloured fillings to match your tooth colour exactly. No-one need know you have ever had a filling.

Restorative Treatment

We offer you the most advanced equipment and materials for restorative procedures.

Root Canal Therapy

This treatment may be necessary to save a badly broken or painful tooth.

New Patient Check-up

  • We are always thrilled to welcome new patients to our studio and are honored that you have chosen us to serve your dental needs.  We take the privilege of providing you with dental care very seriously.  Please browse through our patient services to learn more about us or feel free to call us anytime to discuss any questions you may have.
  • During your first visit, you will have the opportunity to meet the doctor as well as our team members. We recommend your treatment begins with a comprehensive oral examination in order to assess your current oral health.  We will perform a tooth-by-tooth examinations and gum examination, as well as an oral cancer screening. Necessary decay-detecting x-rays will also be taken to complete the exam.
  • From the first moment you step into our studio, you will notice that our top priority is to listen to you and understand your needs, while developing a relationship of trust with you and your family.

A fresh breath clinic to prevent periodontal disease

At our studio we carry out an assessment on the gums on every routine consultation and as a result a specific programme can be drawn up to combat gum problems.
The programme centres around hygiene treatments and individually adapted daily cleaning regime. Once your treatment is complete, we take an active interest in the maintenance of the results.

Periodontal or gum disease has been called a SILENT DISEASE  because initially there are no symptoms, if your gums are red, sometimes bleed when you brush , feel tender or look swollen ….. these are all the symptoms of periodontal disease. If your mouth tastes or smells unpleasant that’s another symptom.
The mouth is the gateway to the body, you cannot be healthy without oral health.

Periodontal disease is the biggest cause of tooth loss in the U.K.

Prevention by brushing and flossing and regular dental check up is your best strategy because gum disease has no symptoms in its’ earliest stages. Gum disease occurs when plaque (bacteria) builds up in your teeth and gums. By the time you experience symptoms like bad breath, bleeding and discomforts you will have already damaged your gums and possibly even supporting bones. Without intervention you could experience bone and eventually tooth loss. Prevention is the key to preserving your smile.

You will receive a reminder to visit your hygienist every six months – an appointment at which we can address deposits on the teeth, monitor developing issues and ensure the long-term preservation of the work.
We will show you how to achieve fresh breath and total confidence.

Sedation dentistry for nervous patients

If you are anxious or have dental phobias, sedation is offered so treatment is both painless and comfortable.
Dental phobia or anxiety affects a large proportion of the population, with many people so distressed at the thought of dental treatment that they completely avoid the dentist. If this avoidance persists it can sometimes lead to the development of dental health problems in need of treatment.
At Viva Dental we want every patient who walks through our doors to receive the treatment they need, while feeling calm and relaxed during their visit. That is why we offer sedation dentistry for any patient who feels particularly nervous at the thought of undergoing dental treatment.

How does sedation dentistry work?
Sedation gently eases the patient into a state of complete calm, in which the patient experiences no pain or feelings of anxiety. Sedation differs from general anaesthetic in that the patient is conscious during the procedure and can breathe unaided. Patients will not remember their treatment afterwards but will nevertheless remain communicative throughout the treatment process.
Sedation treatment can be administered orally or intravenously (via the vein). Although you will be conscious before and after your treatment it is best for a friend or family member to help you home.

Helping you maintain a healthy smile
Allowing dental pain or conditions to develop can make the problem progressively worse, so it is always best to receive treatment in good time. However, we completely understand the feelings of distress many people have in respect to dental treatment. But we will ensure that we always listen to your needs, provide a calming and relaxing environment and offer pain-free treatments and techniques to help ease your anxiety.
We want all our patients to have gorgeous, healthy smiles without pain or anxiety. If you feel that sedation dentistry could help you achieve the smile of your dreams please get in touch.

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