Tooth replacement

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Dental Implants
We can get you smiling with dental implants- Who wouldn’t want to look better, speak better, eat better and smile more?

Dental implants are now the treatment of choice for many people who need to replace missing teeth. Implants are anchored into the bone like the roots of your teeth they act like natural teeth and preserve and strengthen the underlying bone.

Replace unsightly uncomfortable dentures with implants. You will look and feel great.
Individual implants can replace one or more missing teeth. And Because they are  created just for you. We can match your natural tooth enamel, tooth size and shape, while cosmetically enhancing your smile.
If you have a number of adjacent missing teeth, implants can be used in combination with a bridge. So natural looking they are virtually undetectable.

Implants can be used to secure specially modified dentures to improve your appearance and your ability to speak and eat in comfort.

Implants Are the closest replacement possible to natural teeth

  • Eliminate the pain and looseness of ill-fitting partial and full dentures
  • Maintain the integrity of facial structures
  • Do not destroy adjacent teeth – no need to grind teeth for a bridge
  • Allow for superior long-term aesthetics
  • Restore lip support and can minimise wrinkles around the mouth
Crown & Bridges

If you have a gap in your smile or restorations that are worn down or faded with time. Crown and Bridgework can be the answer.

Teeth can weakened due to cavities rct, and unexpected trauma like sports injury or accident.
The great news is today’s crown and bridges can be very effective methods to improve the appearance of damaged or missing teeth.

CROWNS can be used to cover, strengthen and protect a damaged tooth.

BRIDGES fill in gaps, they look and feel like your natural teeth. No one would know there were ever any teeth missing.

A bridge is fixed in your mouth and is usually preferred to a removable denture. Whether your teeth are damaged or missing crowns and bridges are an effective way to cater for all your smile needs.

Cosmetic Dentures
Cosmetic dentures are the ideal solution for those who have suffered from complete or partial tooth loss.

Dentures are the traditional method for replacing missing teeth and have been used successfully for many years. At their most basic dentures are plates that sit on top of the gums and hold replacement teeth to restore damaged smiles. However, restorative dentistry has greatly advanced in the last few years, and dentures now offer increased comfort and beautiful smile results.

Patients can replace a full set of teeth with complete dentures, which are custom-fitted and designed based on bespoke oral impressions and overall appearance. Clients missing several teeth can also find a restorative solution, with partial denture plates made in accordance with the shape and appearance of your teeth and gums, and held in place with attachments or clasps.

We will create custom-made dentures that match both the colour of your teeth and gums, to ensure your restored smile looks entirely your own.

Dentures are an ideal solution for tooth loss because:

  • They restore the ability to eat and chew.
  • They re-establish lost facial structure.
  • They restore damaged or broken smiles.
  • They restore lost confidence caused by tooth loss.
  • They are a cost-effective solution to tooth loss.
  • They are easy to fit.

Dentures can now also be stabilised further with dental implants, which are also provided at our dental practice.

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